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Posted March 26, 2019 by Ken Trainor in Products

What is Majestic Templates V.2?

Majestic Templates Volume 2 is a brand-new video toolkit packed with some of the most unique and ultra-creative video templates that allow you to create impressive videos, mesmerizing Facebook cover videos, and other awesome media. And best of all…you can customize these templates using just PowerPoint!

Yes! No more fiddling around with expensive, complicated or inferior video software with crappy functionality, you can create awesome videos using our video templates with PowerPoint! Just one of the MANY templates are below…Take a look.

4 Steps to Create Your Awesome Videos With Majestic Video Templates:

Step 1:
Select your desired template from a big selection of absolutely gorgeous video templates.

Step 2:
Drop in your contents, modify the text, rebrand logo or customize any elements to suit your needs.

Step 3:
Optionally for the more advanced user, you can edit the timing and animation of any element to your personal liking or project requirements.

Step 4:
Once you have finished editing everything and you are satisfied with your video, you can now export your work to HD video file in just a few clicks.

CHECK OUT THIS ENERGETIC -Fully Customizable –  25-second intro:

So, my take on this software is 2-fold…There are mostly great things to say about Majestic V2, and a few little glitches, and here they are.

The Good:
These templates are all pre-loaded, so when you click on the Powerpoint file, they are automatically dropped right into your powerpoint software, ready to edit. The music is there, the transitions are there, and the special effects are there…All you need to do is replace your text, and you’re DONE. Save as an HD video, and post away!

The Not So Good: The only bad thing I came up with, is the fact that you’ll find yourself changing out a lot of the images provided to fit your project (which really isn’t a big deal). Also, if you don’t own a copy of Powerpoint, you’re basically screwed until you buy one.

Still gets a 4+ stars rating…Go Enjoy this!









Click on the link below and grab a copy of this Killer Video creation tool for yourself..You’re gonna love it!!


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