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This will be a little peek into the life of the Man Behind the Reviews. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Ken Trainor and my story is a bit of a wild one…

At the ripe young age of 15, I was shipped off from my comfortable little home in central NJ, boarded an Alitalia 757 jet, and found myself in the heart of Italy – Milan to be exact.

Here I would study for an entire school year, and tour Europe with the traveling basketball squad. (finally perfecting my slam dunk!). This experience was the pure definition of culture shock, to say the least.

A few of the biggest shocks for me as a young guy were…. finding out that most schools are open on Saturdays… Finding out each school day ends by @ 12 noon…and learning that no one even starts the school year until the end of September, after everyone returns from” holiday”!  – NICE RIGHT?!

Plus, and get this…NO Pizza by the slice. Shocked as I was, I learned to like the personal pizza they offered on nearly every street corner in town.

Oh yea, I left out one small part…I didn’t speak a lick of Italian before landing, so that added to the fun!

After a few months of studying the language, and traveling all over the country, I was finally fluent and adjusting to school. The year went fast, got A’s and B’s, and before I knew it, I was back in good ‘ol Jersey!..

My goal was to use my new-found language talent and become a full-time translator in some government or corporate setting. But, first things first, I had to finish senior year.…

I graduated with honors from my high school and started college. However, I was quickly dismayed with the whole education system, and was bitten hard by the entrepreneurial bug.

The translator thing didn’t work out as planned, so that’s when I decided that I needed a career where I could write my own paycheck.

I tried many different sales jobs in my 20’s and 30’s, but never gave it my full 100%. Why? – I have to admit, I had a “tendency” to enjoy the party life a bit more than I did the business life..

Who’s with me here…it’s ok to be honest, that’s what we do here.

I mean, who just gets up with a bunch of friends and heads over to Australia to “hang out” for 2 weeks? Yup, I did…seemed like the thing to do I guess?… Aahh Sydney…The land down under gave me a ton of awesome memories in a very short timeframe.

The Aussies were amazing and friendly, and the party life, well, let’s just say, they know how to show us Americans a GOOD TIME.

As you might have guessed, this all took a toll on my career goals, and I floated around for a few years trying to figure out what my “thing” was…. Who’s with me here?

Luckily, I was blessed with parents that always taught me to keep God first place, and all will work out! – I keep that advice near and dear to my heart each and every dayI

So, I finally wound up focusing, and finding my thing, which at the time turned out to be Mortgage Finance.

Talk about needing THICK SKIN!..

Some days you’d eat more Tums than turkey, and more Rolaids than raisins – you get the idea…and the 12-14 hour days were no fun either.

I always made good money though and enjoyed a nice 20+ year career.

As we all know, that industry took it on the chin (go see “the Big Short” with Christian Bale). That’s when I really became interested in pursuing Internet marketing and online education.

I always had the desire to do something more…something where I could educate people and share my years of knowledge.

Plus, I was tired of the “guru’s and the get Rich Quick” schemes… Anybody buy 1 or 2 or 10 of those programs over the years? Welcome to my World! – I feel the bonding!

That brings me to my current and favorite phase of my life, Online marketing, Software sales, and creating video reviews…

I’ve finally found something that didn’t Seem like OR Feel like work…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s work, but the enjoyable kind!

This has afforded me the ability the “play” the right way…

Hard Work gets rewarded…And I love the tropics!

My lady and I are here enjoying a nice long week away from all the hoopla…







Yes..hard work does pay off, but one of the reasons I did well in my mortgage career was because of referrals… Why?

I was told, I had a down to earth, tell it like it is approach to helping people with the confusing world of financing.

I looked at each client as if they were a friend, and made sure that what I was offering, I could offer to my own Mom or Dad, and feel good about it…  “If I’d buy it myself, I’d have no problem selling it”

Well, that approach seemed to work, and I was rewarded nicely for it.

So, what I’m bringing to the table here at My Review, is that same no holds barred approach to helping YOU gain real knowledge without all the hype, succeed like crazy, and have some fun along the way.

So, that’s the cliff notes version of my story, and I’d like to leave you with one thought:

Just remember to Always Believe in Yourself, Stay Ultra-Motivated, and Continually Take Action, and I promise you…

The rest of your days will be the BEST of your days!  Peace!

Ok…Staying with the theme of complete transparency, I want to give you some insight into the reviews I do here on  Most often, the product vendors give me free access to their products in order for me to do my review.  Please note – I make no promises to them regarding the outcome of my review. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is what it is…(and they’re cool with that, because I only work with highly reputable vendors). When you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a product, this will be my affiliate link, and yes, that’s how we pay the bills here at My Review Corner…I thank you in advance for stopping by and hope you enjoy using your new products as much as I enjoyed reviewing them for you…

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