Partner With Anthony Review – Is The Partner With Anthony (PWA) Program Legit?

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PWA why do it alone imageAn Unbiased Partner With Anthony Review

In my opinion, it is just as important to know about program founder than it is about the program itself so we will begin our Partner With Anthony Review with a quick Anthony introduction. Anthony Morrison is an entrepreneur who focuses his attention on internet marketing specifically through affiliate marketing and, something that is rare in the affiliate marketing industry, a self-taught multi-millionaire. He started in 2004 and has since created 11 successful companies and written two books.

He is the owner of Morrison Publishing, you guessed it, an affiliate marketing company offering TONS of courses that explain in a detail how to achieve financial success in the affiliate marketing space along with software products for the online marketing industry. Anthony hosts a weekly webinar, “Success Connection” where he shares business strategies, funnels, answers questions and generally provides support for his growing affiliate marketing audience.

This review will provide an unbiased Partner With Anthony Review and explain the PWA in its entirety so that you can be the judge; what is the Partner With Anthony program? Is Partnering With Anthony truly a partnership? And of course, is the Partner With Anthony program worth it?

 Partner With Anthony Review – What is Partner With Anthony (PWA)?

PWA is an entire A-Z training program that teaches you how to become an affiliate marketing entrepreneur but the principals can to internet marketing as a whole.

The PWA program teaches you how to set up a profitable affiliate marketing business as mentioned ….But, let’s be honest , there are quite a few programs teaching you to do that. Right?

So what makes Partner with Anthony so unique? You not only learn the process for creating an online business, he teaches you lthe why….the philosophy behind the different components. This allows YOU to apply those principles to all facets of your life, not just affiliate marketing!

In addition, you are also taught advanced traffic strategies, how to build funnels (although he gives you quite a few THAT ARE ALREADY CONVERTING!), different ways to test your funnels and how to think as a marketer, day in and day out.

The result, an entrepreneur that can apply strategies to become successful in affiliate marketing using strategies given to you by Anthony along with ideas you come up with which builds the PWA community as a whole. A rising tide lifts all boats and Anthony understands that. Most courses on affiliate marketing are instructional, not educational as well. They leave you with just enough info requiring more and more investment. PWA is NOT one of those course. To give a man a fish…..we all know the saying (Chinese Proverb) and using that same analogy, the Partner With Anthony program will teach you how to fish.

Other features which also make this program very unique:

The cost is only $7/month to join and that’s not a promo for the first X amount of months. Sign up today and lock in that $7 rate TODAY!

You can receive recurring commissions on the basic tools your recruits will need in order to launch their online business. This includes a page builder, autoresponder and link tracker.

Once you join, you can promote & receive commissions from programs within the Anthony Morrison library. You are getting access to an entire library of quality affiliate products that you can promote.

The Partner With Anthony  Training Program

The Partner with Anthony (PWA) training program consists of 30 modules which walk you through the steps for creating a successful affiliate marketing business.

They include training on:

• What it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur
• Having the right mindset (which is a key component of success)
• Understanding the affiliate marketing landscape including cost-per-lead (CPL), cost-per-action (CPA) and revenue sharing models
• Understanding the Profit Cycle and how you earn money (see below)
• Setting up landing pages, sales funnels and split testing your pages
• Setting up your autoresponder and e-mail sequences to build your e-mail list
• Tracking your links in order to optimize your campaigns
• Generating traffic on-demand to your offers

The training is conducted by Anthony himself vs. a partner like with the Tai Lopez of the world’s and it is very easy to follow.

He starts with the basics and builds out a complete funnel by the 8th module. He then teaches on different online strategies throughout the rest of the training:

• Multiple streams of income
• Split testing landing pages and thank you pages
• Creating YouTube review videos
• Creating Facebook Ads (a whole two modules with Adrian Morrison, Anthony’s brother, who is an expert on FB ads)
• Sending a broadcast e-mail
• Case studies of how to market in a unique way
• At $7 per month, this kind of training is a bargain, especially when you combine it with the different income streams that are available to you inside of the PWA program.

The 💧 Drip

The training modules are dripped out to you every 24 hours over the course of 30 days. It takes about 8 days for Anthony to explain the philosophy of the PWA system, and then to set up the foundation of your business. This includes landing pages, autoresponder, link tracking and so forth.

For the person just starting out, the pace is perfect. Everything is explained in detail as Anthony literally shows you on HIS SCREEN and then takes you screen by screen through the different software to create your business.

One downside is not having access to all the lessons at once. I think there are many more downsides to that approach than there are benefits.

In my experience, having access to all the lessons right away increases the tech overwhelm and information overload which is common to launching an online venture. Many people watch the lessons out of order and burn out within a few short days of binge consumption.

By contrast, feeding you one module per day (24 hours…not a month or weeks like most) allows you to absorb the material, gives you time to implement all of the steps and leaves you with anticipation for the next day’s lessons.

The Profit Cycle

One of the core concepts of the Partner With Anthony program has to do with the Profit Cycle.

The picture below gives you an idea of the cycle and provides a blueprint of what you can expect to understand & create within the Partner With Anthony system (in my opinion it truly is more than a “program “….it’s a PROVEN system)!

The Partner With Anthony (PWA) profit cycle diagram

The Basic Funnel – The basic sales funnel consists of traffic to an opt-in landing page, collection of e-mail, sending to a sales page then a thank you page. This is the first point where you can make a profit as represented by $$ (1).

E-Mail List and Follow-Up Sequence(s) – The next part of the cycle incorporates building an e-mail list and sending follow-up sequences and offers. This is the second point where you can make a profit as represented by $$$ (2).

Members Area – Basic Tools – To build an online business requires a set of basic tools. The members area incorporates your affiliate links for these tools giving you an option to earn commissions. This is the third area where you can make a profit as represented by $$$ (3).

Members Area – Additional Tools – In the course of building a business, you can also purchase and promote other software tools from the Morrison library to help you scale. This is the fourth area where you can make a profit as represented by $$$$ (4).
Retargeting – This is something that Morrison Publishing does on behalf of all PWA members. Retargeting means that anyone who does not opt-in or purchase a product will automatically receive ads throughout the web in order to bring them back into your eco-system.
All of the elements in the profit cycle make the PWA program extremely powerful and potentially lucrative.

With traditional affiliate marketing, you don’t have access to profit points #3 or #4 in a members area where you can promote other products.

But with the PWA program, the training is building trust, recommending products for you, and nurturing your customers to purchase higher ticket products when it is appropriate.

In other words, the training is doing the selling for you.

Multiple Streams of Income

Inside of the Profit with Anthony program, you will also have the opportunity to hard code your affiliate links to many products.

This is what the Partner with Anthony program calls your eco-system.

When someone enters the PWA training, they come into your eco-system. This training incorporates dozens of recommendations and links for products that you need to create your online business.

If someone purchases through these links, you receive the commission.

The technical aspects:

You enter your affiliate ID once for the different products / services. After that, you no longer have to share your affiliate link INDIVIDUALLY for each product.

Instead, the PWA system keeps track of your link, and shares it with all PWA students AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME. This is key. It’s not about recommending random tools or a bunch of software products so you can pad your pockets.

It’s about recommending tools as the foundation of your business, or to help you grow in a particular area.

There are two types of tools that the PWA program recommends: 1) basic tools and 2) specialized tools:

Basic Tools

These include:

Funnel Builder – Clickfunnels
Tracking Your Links – Build Redirect
Autoresponder – Getresponse
Domains – GoDaddy

NOTE: The Partner with Anthony program incorporates 12 software products and tools as part of your affiliate marketing eco-system. Again, any time one of your customers purchases ANY of these products in ANY part of their members area YOU RECEIVE THE AFFILIATE COMMISSION.

Specialized Tools

Specialized tools are utilized to learn a specific skill:

E-Mail Marketing
Creating Funnels
FB Advertising or FB Fan Pages
Creating digital courses
Creating automated webinars
NOTE: To earn commissions from the specialized tools you must join the Ambassador Program. This is a high-ticket program that sells for $1,497. It pays $750 in one-time commissions. This is an optional program inside of the PWA system.

*You are not required to purchase although it will allow it allows you to expand the number of products in your affiliate marketing business.

Different Price Points

Another cool aspect of your eco-system is the different price points for the 30+ products. This includes:

Low ticket – $7 to $37
Micro-continuity – $7 or $9.95 per month
Regular Continuity – $20-$50 per month
Mid-ticket – $497 one-time
High-ticket – $1,497 one-time
The low price points allow prospects to easily enter your eco-system where the program takes over to ascend people into other products. The continuity programs give you the chance to earn monthly recurring commissions. Finally, the mid- to high-ticket items allow you to earn high commissions.

Would you rather earn 50% of $47 or $1,497?

The best part is that once a customer becomes a part of your eco-system, the training and their own motivation to learn and grow their business will push them to purchase other products.

That means recurring commissions paid for you FROM A SINGLE CUSTOMER.

Webinars That Sell

Every product in the PWA and Ambassador eco-system includes a customized funnel, sales page, checkout page and a webinar or masterclass to promote it.

The webinars / masterclasses include valuable training and a call to action to lead your prospects to the sale.

An example Partner With Anthony (PWA) webinar picture

Total Costs of PWA

There are three software products that you will need in order to create your PWA business. These are standard software products that you would need for almost any online business.

The Big Three

Clickfunnels to create funnels and landing pages (@ $97 per month) – A MUST!

Aweber or Getresponse to collect e-mails and send out e-mail sequences (@ $19 per month)

Build Redirect for link tracking (@ $19 per month)

Once you begin quickly receiving recurring commissions, these “costs” (really investments ) are offset.

You can also use similar software products to achieve the same results. For example, you could use Optimizepress ($97 per year) to build funnels and landing pages. The one disadvantage is that you could not receive the shared funnels that have already been created for you in Clickfunnels. You would have to recreate all of the pages yourself.

Finally, you could use any autoresponder to build your list but the training uses Getresponse.

In terms of traffic, you can pay for traffic via solo ads or Facebook ads, which the PWA program teaches you to do. If you pay for traffic, you would need to build that into your budget. You can also go the SEO route and build your traffic organically for free.

Answering Different Critiques

There were a few critiques from some reviewers which I think is important to discuss.

Number 1

The first has to do with not liking the dripped content.

As I’ve already mentioned, I think there are huge benefits to this approach. Most people simply aren’t patient enough to go through each module in the order they are arranged when EVERY module is at their disposal.

This leads to a lot of overwhelm and a high drop out rate which is not good for your overall future earnings. The dripped content also builds anticipation for the next module and gives people a chance to complete all of the steps before the next day’s session.

Number 2

The second complaint has to do with purchasing additional products.

These reviewers make it seem as if Anthony is trying to deceive by offering an initial low price offer only to make you spend more money later.

First, the PWA program does not recommend you purchase a product for the sake of making a commission. In the beginning, you only need a few tools, just like a carpenter would need a hammer, screwdriver and a measuring tape on the construction site.

In addition, the PWA program does not make a penny when you purchase Clickfunnels or Aweber. These commissions go directly to your sponsor or to you when you recruit other PWA members.

Finally, you are free to use whatever programs you already have to make things work. Just have to realize that you may be leaving some commissions on the table & you’ll have to create all of the funnels yourself.

The Decision

You must decide early on that you are going to make a minimum investment and Anthony is clear about that investment from module #1.

A final criticism is that the Partner with Anthony program is really just a tool to get you to promote the PWA program and other Morrison Publishing programs.

Not true. As mentioned, you can take the principles you learn in the training and promote ANYTHING!

There is nothing wrong with promoting the PWA program… It is an easy sell @ $7/month & the training sells the other products for you in an organic fashion. Why not take advantage of this incredible opportunity?


What is Partner with Anthony?

It’s a complete training, step-by-step. You will learn about traffic, funnels, autoresponders and tracking your progress.

It provides you with the ability to earn from multiple affiliate offers
The training sells additional affiliate products for you naturally vs. in a forced way giving you multiple streams of income!

I give the Partner with Anthony program a 9.8, which is the highest score for any program or software on My Review Corner! Try the program now before the price goes up – It’s a $7 investment in yourself.

If you would like to try Partner with Anthony for ONLY $7/month click here

Here’s to your success,

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